Monday, 7 June 2010

Blog changes

Why I rarely post on this blog these days..

I'm the sort of person who can't help collecting. I have a mass of hobbies and interests, and I need to be able to categorize and sort those obsessions into ways of processing information that fit with my own particular style. A prime example of this is how I treated my toy box as a small child. I would tip all of my toys onto the floor quite happily, in order to find that one specific action figurine that I wanted to play with, but when it came time to pick everything up, I would then place everything back into the box in an orderly, considered fashion. Everything had to go back in a way that made sense to me, so that next time I would be able to find it, even if the box would still look like a random pile to most others.

I still prefer  things to be done my way, but I'm OK with alternatives. Another example being that when I was in my teens I often had a messy bedroom. This was because I wanted my possessions to be laid out and displayed in a way that would allow them to be easily sorted. I would have preferred to have had a room full of shelves and cupboards, but without those options, the floor and other areas were a poor, but logical substitute.

So what does this have to do with my blog? Well, put simply, I've occasionally started blogs in the past, only to give up after 2 or 3 posts. I've found however that in running 4 or more blogs, as I am currently, I am much more inclined to keep up with my posting. This is because it allows me to sort my thoughts into categories of major interest, and not throw them all together in the one location, where to my way of thinking - it's a random mess. It's simply not focused enough for how I like things to be done.

To get around the problem of sorting, I've been thinking about the potential for this blog to become more of an organized reflection of myself, perhaps in a way that many blogs are already organized, via everything being tagged and thus categorized automatically. The idea, which I'm certain has been done before, and probably quite often (despite my lack of knowledge for examples) is to order my blog as I would a model of how I'd imagine (wrongly) that my brain is organized. That instead of tags being the product of my writing, more often than not I will find my writing being influenced by a set of tags, to map my brain and my thoughts on an array of subjects as wide and varied as humanity itself.

Whilst I have no grand vision for this blog being anything more than the typical online journal or blog, I do expect that my writing from this point on, on this blog at least, will leave me very exposed and open to debate, if not insult. Which is a problem, given that generally I am a rather measured and guarded person in how I portray myself, and in what I allow to be public domain.

I don't mean this to sound as though I am going to be making any peculiar revelations in this blog, but in the process of offering opinion, and more opinion, I am bound to alienate all readers at one point or another in the future. Which is simply the nature of interpreting opinion. The more you speak, the tighter the odds become for disagreement in opinion.

OK, so having said this..   do I rename the blog?

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