Monday, 31 March 2008

Go Souths!

As previously promised - a photo of me in my first Souths jersey/jumper. The expression isn't for the jersey, it's for being stuck in pre-school at Maclean in Northern NSW, having my photo taken with a bunch of kids I couldn't stand. Ahh memories!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Fun exercise

So, I don't have a drawer beside my bed, but having read and enjoyed the list of what's in Sim's top drawer, I feel compelled to do the same.

So to the amusement of all, here's what cluttered crap one would find on the desk in front of me:

  • A giant red soup mug, which I drink my tea and coffee from
  • A tall middy glass
  • An empty bottle of benadryl, to ward away passing airborne illnesses
  • Vouchers from the local Workers Club
  • A printer, Epson 1270, which prints up to A3+ size
  • My Rabbitohs library bag from kindergarten
  • An A4 drawing tablet, bought cheap from Aldi's
  • White Ipod
  • Speakers, which only purpose are to act as a port for my headphones
  • 2 Spindles of blank CDs
  • $9.20 in silver
  • Wide screen Asus monitor, 19 inch
  • PC, custom built, black case with the side ripped off for quick access
  • mp3/avi player, a Christmas present, filled with Family Guy episodes
  • A huge pile of photographs behind my monitor, all waiting to be scanned and cleaned
  • A booklet on Tarot cards, to help with the design of the deck I'm making for my portfolio
  • Superman movie DVD (original 70's one, not that Routh shit)
  • Steak knife
  • Office XP CD, along with about 20 other random discs
  • Phillips head screwdriver (2, because one always goes missing)
  • A lamp, which I hate, because it gives me headaches
  • Sewing machine oil
  • A green plastic milkshake cup, because any smaller cup is wasting my time
  • A can of furniture polish, being mocked by the mess on my desk
  • Waitresses album - "Wasn't tomorrow wonderful" (vinyl)
  • Scanner, A4 IBM
  • Twisties crumbs
  • A fork I bent in half without even using mind powers
  • energy saving lightbulb
  • My old mobile phone
  • marriage certificates from the 1840's in England
  • Sketch pad
  • 3 pens, including one for the drawing tablet
  • Batman comic from 1986, in mylar bag with backing board
  • Time Magazine (9-11 issue) in mylar
  • Ticket to last week's South v Bulldogs game
  • Various pieces of mail
  • Whatever else is in the pile of photos

Quite obviously I need to tidy up and decide on a filing system beyond putting stuff behind my monitor. A good thing my work desk is an old dining room table. Even better that my chair is a big comfy couch, with my mouse sitting on a stool beside me.


I don't really understand the whole logic behind toilet paper with cute patterns on it. Maybe I'm not hip enough? I'm not sure that wiping my arse with a piece of repetitive lo-fi art is all that appealing to me, especially if it features something like a smiling teddy bear, or perhaps a dolphin.

Yeah that was random. So is the fact that I've been thinking about relationships, the lack of a current one, and the fact that maybe I've placed way too much emphasis on finding a partner, rather than just living and enjoying life ahead of that goal. A mate tonight told me that I try too hard, and it's hard to disagree. Maybe it's time to quit trying and to let anything that might possibly happen just come to me, instead of always chasing it.

Whilst I may only ever date people who are my "type" and that I see a lot in common with, going with logic rather than emotion, it's the part where once I've made a decision that the emotion takes over, and I do tend to let it burn unchecked.

Time comes when even the most passionate ideas can be overrun by vapid and inane motion. No more. I suppose it's time to look after myself and quit worrying about tomorrow, and stop neglecting the possibilities for today.

Sun will be up soon. I should probably get to bed..

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Chocolate Day, fuckers!!

Yeaster: The time of the year when we celebrate the savage ritual killing of a man with a yeast infection, 200 years ago, by a horde of brown rabbits adorned in brightly coloured battle armour. As a tribute to their savage successes in battle we celebrate by eating their unborn young.

The life cycle of the Easter Bunny is perhaps one of the more complex aspects of religion and biology ever devised. It's right up there with the Xenomorph and the butterfly for complexity, i.e. a domesticated rabbit and a rooster copulate, and their offspring is either a stillborn somewhat waxy but delicious brown rabbit, or an undeveloped embryo within an egg consisting of the same material as that of the sibling stillborn rabbit. So, never having seen one of the eggs hatch, do the brown rabbits grow hair, or will an occasional egg actually survive the refrigeration process and being wrapped in metal and thus produce a new rabbit?

It's a slow day. Can you tell?

The week has been fun though. Losing in a tight game at Thursday pub trivia, enjoying my TAFE studies and then there was Saturday..

Whilst the football was shit, catching up with Sim was a lot of fun. Although brief, it's a blast and helps makes the trip worthwhile when the team lets me down and I have a long trip home.

When I say long, I mean long. I was at Lidcombe station at about 10pm, where I asked what time the next service through to the Blue Mountains was. About 10.30 said the City Rail employee. So, I waited. Nothing. I caught the train to Parramatta, where I found that no services for the mountains would have stopped at Lidcombe at all that night. I waited at Parramatta until about midnight before catching another train into the mountains, to Katoomba, as it would only be going to Mount Victoria rather than Lithgow. I stopped at Katoomba because it has a decent waiting room and more vending machines than Mount Vic, which at night is like a morgue.

So, I stood around in the damn tunnel until about 2.30am because the waiting room was locked, whilst the station workers all sat in their nice warm office watching TV and having hot drinks. What arseholes.

I finally stepped through my front door at 4.01am.

Tired, but I ended up awake until 6am, as a basketball game I wanted watch was on. Hah.. yet another losing team.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Sesame Street - Capital I

Yeah.. odd memories that just pop back into the head at random or with a little prompting..