Monday, 25 August 2008

Hoops Predictions

On Monday 24 September 2007 I made my predictions for the 07-08 basketball season and now the season in well and truly gone and we're into the pre-season for 08-09. So, how did I do?

Prediction 1: Perth and Cairns to fight out the NBL title.
Well, I bombed with this one. Sydney knocked out Perth in the semis on their way to a 2-3 loss to Melbourne in the finals. Cairns didn't get past the quarter finals. Close, but no cigar.

Prediction 2: Nathan Jawai to be Rookie of the Year.
Yep, well this one was an easier one to work with. Jawai not only went on to win rookie of the year, but was also drafted into the NBA, signing a 2-year contract with Toronto.

Prediction 3: Patrick Mills to be the first Aboriginal/T.I to draw NBA interest.
Relatively unheard of when I made the prediction, I was on the right track but didn't quite guess right. After scoring 15 and then 20 points against the US senior team in the Olympics, Patty is most definitely on the NBA radar, but he was beaten to the punch of being drafted by his cousin, Nathan Jawai. So prediction 2 knocked out 3.

Not a bad effort, but I could do better.

For the 08-09 season my predictions are thus:

1. The grand final to be won by Adelaide and played against either Sydney or Melbourne.
2. Aaron Bruce to be NBL Rookie of the Year (Luke Schenscher being runner-up).
3. Andrew Ogilvy to be drafted to the NBA in the first round.
4. Only one out of Joe Ingles, Aron Baynes or Luke Nevill to be drafted in the second round, with the other two going undrafted.
5. Patrick Mills to stay in college for another year.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pfft Souths

Season is over I suppose. Time to plan for next year and get some sleep. At least I have the game v Melbourne @ Melbourne to look forward to.

Stop the Olympics, I want to get off!

The Olympics are broken, and assuredly - I can fix them. Take swimming for a first up example. An interesting enough sport, but medals are handed out left, right and centre, simply because there are a huge number of events. Let's fix that and reduce the number to something a little less, well.. fucked! Let's keep the 100m to prove the fastest person in a sprint and a 5km race to prove the person with the best endurance over a long distance. After all, events like the butterfly are ridiculous novelty events, which in reality are no less ludicrous than a track race by people only running on the tips of their toes or perhaps walking around on their hands. And how about the Medley event? What in the wide world of sports is that all about? Perhaps the event should be re-titled something a little more appropriate such as schizophrenia in water. If a race were to be held where all of the competitors were to race whilst wearing heavy gorilla costumes I'll retract my comments and give swimming my full endorsement.

Equestrian events are another random slice of dull crap sorely in need of revitalization. The answer is simple - If a horse breaks its leg and has to be put down, then so should its owner. Turn the shooting of riders into a major segment of the event, regardless of what they have or haven't done. Anyone game enough to wear one of those outfits probably deserves as much lead passing through their body as is scientifically possible. I would also advocate the idea of horses having to leap over giant piles of dung, or to perhaps trot across rickety rope bridges that have crocodiles in the water far below. All of the above is all the more necessary when either of these travesties again interrupt my viewing of a Boomers basketball game.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Well fucking done, Channel 7!! The Olympics are here and I've spent the last hour and a half sitting around waiting for Australia v Croatia in the basketball and instead I've had to watch swimming HEATS and Gymnastics, neither of which features Australians?!?!! Fark me dead!! 5 digital channels, all owned by 7, and all showing the same fucking thing!


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ebay Challenge

This is me accepting Sim's challenge to find the weirdest ebay auctions. Today's theme: Why imagination is sometimes a bad thing.

1. Genital shaped Tangelo, grown in S.E Queensland. Bidding starts @ $50. Does one bite such a thing? All sorts of horrific images come to mind when imagining someone eating this junk-tastic piece of nasty.

Penis Gourd from Papua New Guinea, bidding starts @ $40. Be the life of the party, especially during winter, when you show up for cocktails or dinner wearing only this conversation piece. Ladies love a man in a penis gourd covering.

Lolita Costumes! Bidding starts @ $49.95. Dress your captives up in one of a variety of lolita costumes available. Styles range from Japanese Sailor/School girl and Card Captor Sakura to Little Red Riding Whore. Don't let your pre-teen dungeon prisoners spend their last days wearing anything less vile!!