Monday, 17 December 2007

Been a while

Yep, it's been some time since my last update and plenty of water and waste products have passed under the bridge and into the ocean in that time. So a quick run-down..

- An Aunt died on the North Coast, and I only found out via email after the funeral service, because nobody bothered to ring any of us here in the mountains.

- I'm going to be an uncle. First point of order is to ensure that said niece/nephew(s) is indoctrinated into the fine social craft that is the support of the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

- I find that I make excellent banana & pear muffins. No, you can't have any. Not unless you beg or offer sexual favours, and that only works if you're female, reasonably attractive and can also dislocate your jaw at will.

- My mate Jill had her baby - A precious baby girl by the name of Morgan.

- John Howard is gone. Yes I know that is old news, but it's so good that I thought it was worth repeating.

- I now appreciate why my team doesn't win too often at pub trivia. It's because the team that wins with regularity has been taking a stack of reference books. This being the same team that stopped my mate Jill from going to the ladies room, when she was heavily pregnant, by blocking her way with their chairs, all because they believed that she was text messaging people in there for answers. These people are all in their 50's or above, so they should really know better.

- I've become somewhat of a facebook addict. I find it a lot more entertaining than I ever did myspace, which if anything is only incredibly annoying. It's also better at helping to locate friends far and wide and those from long ago. Excellent stuff.

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