Monday, 24 March 2008


I don't really understand the whole logic behind toilet paper with cute patterns on it. Maybe I'm not hip enough? I'm not sure that wiping my arse with a piece of repetitive lo-fi art is all that appealing to me, especially if it features something like a smiling teddy bear, or perhaps a dolphin.

Yeah that was random. So is the fact that I've been thinking about relationships, the lack of a current one, and the fact that maybe I've placed way too much emphasis on finding a partner, rather than just living and enjoying life ahead of that goal. A mate tonight told me that I try too hard, and it's hard to disagree. Maybe it's time to quit trying and to let anything that might possibly happen just come to me, instead of always chasing it.

Whilst I may only ever date people who are my "type" and that I see a lot in common with, going with logic rather than emotion, it's the part where once I've made a decision that the emotion takes over, and I do tend to let it burn unchecked.

Time comes when even the most passionate ideas can be overrun by vapid and inane motion. No more. I suppose it's time to look after myself and quit worrying about tomorrow, and stop neglecting the possibilities for today.

Sun will be up soon. I should probably get to bed..

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