Monday, 24 March 2008

Fun exercise

So, I don't have a drawer beside my bed, but having read and enjoyed the list of what's in Sim's top drawer, I feel compelled to do the same.

So to the amusement of all, here's what cluttered crap one would find on the desk in front of me:

  • A giant red soup mug, which I drink my tea and coffee from
  • A tall middy glass
  • An empty bottle of benadryl, to ward away passing airborne illnesses
  • Vouchers from the local Workers Club
  • A printer, Epson 1270, which prints up to A3+ size
  • My Rabbitohs library bag from kindergarten
  • An A4 drawing tablet, bought cheap from Aldi's
  • White Ipod
  • Speakers, which only purpose are to act as a port for my headphones
  • 2 Spindles of blank CDs
  • $9.20 in silver
  • Wide screen Asus monitor, 19 inch
  • PC, custom built, black case with the side ripped off for quick access
  • mp3/avi player, a Christmas present, filled with Family Guy episodes
  • A huge pile of photographs behind my monitor, all waiting to be scanned and cleaned
  • A booklet on Tarot cards, to help with the design of the deck I'm making for my portfolio
  • Superman movie DVD (original 70's one, not that Routh shit)
  • Steak knife
  • Office XP CD, along with about 20 other random discs
  • Phillips head screwdriver (2, because one always goes missing)
  • A lamp, which I hate, because it gives me headaches
  • Sewing machine oil
  • A green plastic milkshake cup, because any smaller cup is wasting my time
  • A can of furniture polish, being mocked by the mess on my desk
  • Waitresses album - "Wasn't tomorrow wonderful" (vinyl)
  • Scanner, A4 IBM
  • Twisties crumbs
  • A fork I bent in half without even using mind powers
  • energy saving lightbulb
  • My old mobile phone
  • marriage certificates from the 1840's in England
  • Sketch pad
  • 3 pens, including one for the drawing tablet
  • Batman comic from 1986, in mylar bag with backing board
  • Time Magazine (9-11 issue) in mylar
  • Ticket to last week's South v Bulldogs game
  • Various pieces of mail
  • Whatever else is in the pile of photos

Quite obviously I need to tidy up and decide on a filing system beyond putting stuff behind my monitor. A good thing my work desk is an old dining room table. Even better that my chair is a big comfy couch, with my mouse sitting on a stool beside me.

1 comment:

Auntie Simone said...

Damn you!
I really thought I had you beat there.
BTW I got my idea from my friend Gretchen.She boasts an empty tin of Spam on her desk. Hadn't thought of that, had you?
Anyway, clearly I place third.
Maybe my next blog needs to be about that very scary cake tin cupboard with the toaster in it. *shudder*