Sunday, 4 November 2007

Halloween 2007

Whilst Halloween was just another day and Saturday was expected to be the same, that wasn't quite the case. I knew I was going to see a few mates play in their bands on Saturday night but it was a surprise to me that there would be a Halloween costume competition (although I don't think any prize was ever handed out). So from midday when Jill came around for a cuppa, we got to work on costume ideas. After a quick trip to the Warehouse and returning with some glue, fake blood and an Aussie afro wig, I was set. Out came the paints and the afternoon was spent gluing various pieces of tissue paper scars to my brother, Jasmine and Jill for the zombie effect, and rubbing my wig over a dirty car engine to make my evil clown guise look all the more disgusting.

The end result, a picture of me at 3am after returning from the pub.


Litotes The Clown said...

Hi John:

Love the halloween pics of you and your brother; nice work.

May I post a link to your photo to my blog.

I am always looking for 'good looking' evil clowns.

Best wishes,

Litotes The Clown

John said...

Yeah, feel free. It's a pretty interesting site you've got there Litotes. I especially love the drive-by Burger King/Ronald shooting.