Sunday, 11 November 2007

My first jersey

Do you have a favourite possession, or an item that tends to remind you of days gone by? Today whilst my brother was digging through his clothes and various odds and ends, which included a large inflatable hand that at one point he had accidentally glued to his head (don't ask) he managed to find my first ever Souths jersey - an original minties version, complete with a 7 on the back and Ignis as sponsor on the front, but missing the rabbit logo. I don't know why my brother ever had that, but it was quite a surprise and one that brought back plenty of memories. I think that I'll have the jersey framed along with my collection of early 80's Souths football cards (minus Phil Gould).

Ok so the above is kind of accurate. I did have one previous jersey, but it was one of those cheaper jumper style jerseys they made for little kids (horrible photo to come).

Well, at least the 3 Souths fans who occasionally/rarely read this blog might appreciate that!

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