Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ebay Challenge

This is me accepting Sim's challenge to find the weirdest ebay auctions. Today's theme: Why imagination is sometimes a bad thing.

1. Genital shaped Tangelo, grown in S.E Queensland. Bidding starts @ $50. Does one bite such a thing? All sorts of horrific images come to mind when imagining someone eating this junk-tastic piece of nasty.

Penis Gourd from Papua New Guinea, bidding starts @ $40. Be the life of the party, especially during winter, when you show up for cocktails or dinner wearing only this conversation piece. Ladies love a man in a penis gourd covering.

Lolita Costumes! Bidding starts @ $49.95. Dress your captives up in one of a variety of lolita costumes available. Styles range from Japanese Sailor/School girl and Card Captor Sakura to Little Red Riding Whore. Don't let your pre-teen dungeon prisoners spend their last days wearing anything less vile!!

1 comment:

Auntie Simone said...

Oh my Gourrrrrrd.

Let's hope my dad doesn't happen upon the tangelo, he has a thing for bedoodled fruit.

Thinks it's hilarious.
Fifty bucks?
How much is that per kilo?