Saturday, 22 September 2007

Knock knock

There aren't many situations that I consider more awkward than the one I found myself in earlier this morning. I had been sound asleep, and unlike with the previous night I wasn't having a dream about a random bird smashing into my face (don't ask). I'm not particularly fond of having my slumber interrupted on a Saturday morning, climbing out of bed with a hard-on, in order to answer a knock at the door. I half hid myself behind the door (behind wood, with wood), wearing loose shorts whilst talking to the little old lady who has come to collect the 'Home Care' catalogue, which of course I couldn't find.

Maybe I should have just stood there, shorts to the floor and with a subtle breeze caressing me, beaming a smile and telling her "don't be alarmed Madam, I am comfortable with my own nudity, do you not see?" Boing! I'm sure she'd be delighted for me.

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