Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Super Dickery

I'm really not a fan of how little thought is going into writing comics these days (or is that heart). I'm sure the writers all think they are doing a hell of a job, but unless your name is Gail Simone, Alan Moore or Grant Morrison then the odds are that you're struggling for ideas. Why is it that killing characters or portraying them in a manner contrary to usual conduct is so readily acceptable now; is it editorial policy or ugly coincidence?

From an artists perspective I'm relieved that whilst the writing stocks are down, the visual element is still on quite a high. But then comics as a medium continue to be the one field where artistic endeavour appears to be pushed most of all. Yeah, plenty of people do look down on comics as an art form and in a literary sense, but then that's just blind snobbery, barely worth commenting on.


langster said...

Blind snobbery is the best kind of snobbery!

John said...

You shush, snob!