Thursday, 10 April 2008

Why am I awake?

I've been thinking bout starting a new blog. It could be written from a dog's perspective. Perhaps completely written in woofs, and with pictures of lots of bitches. Oh wait, never mind. There's already a lot of guys who write blogs like that. Women too.

Little known fact #1.
I once actually tried to build the world's worst website, and failed.

I had an idea, in about 1997, for a website so utterly bad, that it would trap people in a maze of java pop-ups, pictures of women's armpits, bright pink and lime japanese blinking text, and jpgs of jpg placeholders and so many frames that it would look like a.. framey thingy.

It never worked though. It must have set off every alarm and notice to the host server that it never lasted more than an hour each time I loaded it up.

A shame. I know the world needs more glowing neon armpit pics with built in love boat midi files.

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