Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Go West

After Monday was spent moving my brother's furniture, today was a chance to relax - to an extent. I tagged along on a road trip to Bathurst as my brother, his girl and a mate of ours all signed up for some work this weekend at the Bathurst 1000. The plan was originally to check out some shops (mostly checking second hand books) whilst they sorted their work and did their own browsing, and then to head home. Instead we saw a movie, with the choice of flick being Hairspray.

Personally I thought that Hairspray might be pretty good or at worst passable, but I have to admit that it hit the mark in every way with me. John Water's did a brilliant job in writing the original film, but it was a wise choice for the remake to have been based on the Broadway show rather than original 1988 film. As much as I love Waters imagination, his execution can also be a bit off-putting. So, without giving anything away, this movie is excellent an excellent way to spend a few bucks and gain a feel-good buzz for the rest of the day. There are no idiotic plot points with forced character anguish or emotional drama, and that in film today is a very rare thing - just like it always has been. Sometimes people just want to be happy. We might love a sad ending like Casablanca, but overkill is definitely the word when it comes to how Hollywood usually tries to manipulate people's emotions and wallets.

Great flick, wonderful cast and very catchy music. If you're not an uptight bastard then go see it. If you are then go get drunk and see it anyway.

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