Sunday, 7 October 2007

Saturday blargh

My birthday came and went and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I had a great time with my mates, and loved the banana cake Jas and Jill made for me. I also love the Japanese styled Zen garden they gave me. Very cool. The weird dinosaur in a snow globe that cries to be fed is quite a laugh and I'll also have fun with the new art supplies.

What wasn't cool however is when the clock ticked over past midnight and a new day came and upon leaving the local nightclub (only one and it was the only time I had been there), we were stopped by a couple of drunken idiots that were out looking for trouble. To cut a long story short, they assaulted a mate of mine (over his karaoke singing of all things) and then me after I told them to lay-off. When both were involved that drew my brother into matters as well.

My Saturday was mixed to say the least. I managed to fall sleep at about 6am, with my brother and Jasmine worried about the concussion that the Doctor we saw had warned about (from my being kicked in the back of the head whilst grappling with the first guy) and was up again at 8.30am. A few cups of tea and plenty of laughs with my mate Angie at 10.30am before we went for a drive, and then an hour+ at the local police station giving a statement and looking to press charges. Fun fun..

On the bright side I did laugh my arse off at the thermometer and K.Y tube Angie gave me for my birthday to make sure I was OK. Nice work smarty!


MyrtleKBracegirdle said...

What a lovely welcome to 30.
Happy Birthday! I promise it's not all downhill from here ;-).

John said...

I'll settle for a plateau. Anything but downhill!