Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tuesdays are dork-tastic

I may not watch much TV these days, but I probably recall more useless bits of trivia about long forgotten TV shows than most people. I retain memories of TV shows that my contemporaries once loved but have since relegated to the mists of time. Do you remember Metal Mickey? The Ghost and Mrs Muir? How about The Master, which starred Lee Van Cleef as a Ninja?

Should I admit any of this? Well, it's not like I'd really care to know a person who would look down upon me for having such a dork-tastic skill anyway. Can I call it a skill? Maybe it's more a trick of shameful proportions played upon a savagely tuned, sugar encrusted mind. Either way, it's fun, mostly harmless and helps blow away those hours one might otherwise waste on less enjoyable trivial pursuits.

So here it is. Each Tuesday I'm going to dig deep, peel back the Mr Sheen coated walnut that guards my memories and I'll wax lyrical about the TV shows you've either forgotten, never seen before or don't care to know about, but are going to read about anyway, simply because you're bored, can't sleep or are playing along nicely because you know me.

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langster said...

I don't play along nicely simply because I do know you.