Friday, 5 October 2007


Before pub trivia last night I went for a road trip with some mates and my brother. I don't think that the destination was planned, but we ended up out past Bathurst and headed north, until we reached a small town by the name of Sofala. Sleepy and picturesque, Sofala is rather unique in that for a small Aussie town its streets are all narrow, almost giving it a crowded vibe. We stopped into the local pub, played some pool, had a beer, enjoyed ourselves and headed back to town, getting back in time for the usual round of Thursday night trivia.

Left to right: Jasmine, Sophie and Jardine (no I don't know what he's doing either), standing at the back of the pub at Sofala.

Jill, getting excited behind the wheel before we set off on our random trip.

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MyrtleKBracegirdle said...

I must have travelled through Sofala at least 100 times as a child-teenager from Rylstone to Bathurst/Orange and back.
Few gold towns have retained their original atmosphere like Sofala. Cradled beside the picturesque Turon River and enclosed by those steep and seemingly desolate hills...