Saturday, 13 October 2007

Wenty Country Club - Yee Har!

Not quite that kind of Country Club. There wasn't much happening in town Friday night, so on the road again - Jill, John, Jas and Jardine, to the Wentworth Falls Golf and Country Club. We had been invited by our mate Lisa, who runs the usual Wednesday night karaoke, to come check out another of her regular gigs. With some reservation, we ventured forth and had a look around.

As I suspected, it was mostly an older crowd, but nothing too alien. A little sedate but the more they drank the easier the shackles of age were thrown off. Plenty of crooner style music, and by the younger crowd there too, so I pitched in with My Way and rounded things out with YMCA as a duet with Jas. Lisa was kind enough to tell me across the room via the microphone to tell her if I saw any women I liked and she'd give me the lo-down on them. Haha, I'm sure the announcement had every can of mace in the building clutched and shaken.

A good venue and a friendly lot of regulars, I quite liked the place, even it was bloody cold over there. We also left a bit too late to venture in to Jill's favourite pub in her old stomping ground of Katoomba, a place called the Gearin Hotel, which I also consider to be one of the better pubs in the mountains and out through the tablelands and is incidentally owned by the actor Jack Thompson (maybe best remembered recently to international audiences as Uncle Owen in Star Wars).

In all it was a fun night out. Today on the other hand was quiet, slow and very peaceful. Too peaceful. What I wouldn't do for a spear and a few blokes in pith helmets to throw them at, Rourke's Drift style. Just anything. A little action. Still, falling asleep in front of the computer at midday is kinda like action.. right?!

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