Sunday, 14 October 2007

Weekend games

Hell of a game. Leeds crushed St. Helen's in the European Super league grand final, and did it in fine style at a packed Old Trafford. It was one of the better UK grand finals I've seen, so it almost made up for the absolute rubbish served up by New Zealand this afternoon in their 100th Anniversary Test match against Australia.

What the hell is up with those guys? It's amazing how a team of professional footballers can turn into water and lose all composure and do it consistently like the New Zealand Kiwis do. No heart, too selfish and lacking in brains - they deserved the loss. Losing 58-0 is one hell of a way to celebrate 100 years since NZ played their first ever international match. I hope the Poms and French absolutely hammer them. Way to waste my afternoon, jerks!

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